Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 15. Networks of Personalized Learning --- Final Week

The Reflection of the Week:
Welcome to final week of this semester. In this week, we are going to present our final projects about the course. I am sure I am going to see brilliant projects, cool YouTube videos, and great wiki chapters, which make me excited. These presentations will provide to look at web 2.0 technologies from their perspectives.
The topic of this week is networks of personalized learning. Web 2.0 technologies offer great opportunities to teach and learn beyond classrooms, schools and even the borders and countries. People don't have to be tied any physical place or specific time and want to be more flexible and accessible to what they want.
I am not sure that web 2.0 technologies make people more social or not. I was thinking of emerging technologies like Facebook, twitter, blogs make people to confine them in front of computers and take away them from communities. But the Horizon Report (2010) says there is no negative impact of emerging technologies to make people unsocial. The report says people who use them more active to participate in activities in communities. These results made me surprised.
Emerging technologies have been shifting from teacher centered to student-centered learning in our education. I think emerging technologies enable and support both individual learning and collaborative learning. The rapid innovations and advances in web 2.0 technologies, people can communicate and work with people from different countries via blog, wikis, Facebook, twitters, etc. Also, people have a various opportunities to work and learn what they want individually with YouTube, TeacherTube, and other free open sources and tools provided on the web.
Finally, I have completed my reflections about this course, R685. I believe creating and using this blog really help to rethink, remind and criticize on what we did and have learned on the course. I would like to thank my professor, Dr. Bonk, Dr. Xiaojing, my critical friend, Hesham, and the other classmates.

The Example of the Week:

I have a lot of example to inform as you know: Wikis, Blogs, Podcasting, Webcasting, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TeacherTube,…………..

The Quote of the Week:
"The world is open with web technologies." Curt Bonk
Final quote is from Dr. Bonk. I chose it because this course show me the world is getting smaller and flat with web technologies.

The Picture of the Week:

I started with this meaningful picture of Dr. Bonk to my blog and wanted to finis with the same picture.
I hope you enjoy this blog.


  1. Good Afternoon Cesur,

    Can you believe that this class is almost over? It flew by quickly!

    Yes, we have learned a tremendous amount of information in this class that is very necessary for other classes both in and outside of our IST community as well as very applicable and needed in the world. There has been many intensive studies that show that those who engage in technology will still be socially ept. I am happy I took this class. Though it was very challenging, I can honestly say I have learned a lot from this class.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hello Cesur,

    First, let me thank you for you kind words. This class has been a great learning experience because we were able to implement and use many of the concepts and ideas from this class. As you said, technologies provide great opportunities to expand the learning experience beyond the classroom. With Web 2.0 technologies and OER, people can create their own learning experience any time and in any place. Or as in Dr. Bonk's words, "the world is open with web technologies".

    Also, good luck for you presentation tomorrow. I am looking forward to see that.


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